Nature's Ninja Secret

Thanks for checking out our special blend of savory WOW!

Kung Fu Tonic is a highly concentrated blend of roots and herbs that provide a powerful natural path for healthy vibes and overall goodness. We call it Food-Medicine.

Kung Fu Tonic is for everyone. Athletes, singers, travelers, naturopaths, vegans, moms, surfers, chefs… many people benefit greatly from and use it regularly. Whatever the reason for enjoying our tonic, we all know it works!


Each ingredient in Kung Fu Tonic has been used for thousands of years by humans to benefit wellness! Our ingredients are simple. They’ve been used for centuries! Starting with Eddie’s Grandma’s recipe for keeping the youth healthy, we applied our own highly complex divine proportions using our ninja taste-buds. Eventually, this amazing, special, savory bottle of fun was being shared all over town!

To be honest, we think it’s our ingredients. We always source the best ingredients available. That means Organic and Better-Than-Organic standards at all times for everything in our bottles!