Nature's Ninja Secret


Watch out, Kung Fu Tonic packs a punch! All our ingredients are organic, raw and cold-pressed, concentrating a savory hit of nutrition and flavor into each drop.

Unlike your neighbor’s fire-cider, Kung Fu Tonic has never been heated and never been treated — maintaining all the natural enzymes, oils, minerals, and vitamins stored in its potent concoction.

How potent?

If Kung Fu Tonic were reincarnated as a ninja, it could conquer an army full of Chuck Norris clones sorta potent...well, you get the idea.

Use it to enhance your food and health drinks, or just take a few droppers straight under the tongue to feel its immediate effect.

Kung Fu Tonic is an essential weapon of wellbeing for athletes, nutritionists, chefs, travelers, naturopaths, and anyone else pursuing a healthy lifestyle — and now, the secret is yours.
Tasting is believing.